College of Environmental Sciences & Management

The philosophy of the programme is to produce a unique set of Architecture graduates that will contribute not only to the national development but also provide solutions to the prevailing problems in Nigeria’s built environment and create impact internationally. We intend to equip them with a broad knowledge in design, creativity, management, application of technology, entrepreneurship, ethics and spirituality in order to produce in them confidence, self sufficiency, independence and the spirit of contribution.

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The university seeks to produce architects with professional and intellectual capacities to contribute meaningfully to the architectural development in addressing the dynamic built environment and its challenges.

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Our Objectives

No 1

To provide students with knowledge and skills to enhance their performance and to enable them to assume broader responsibility in the rapidly changing built environment in Nigeria and the world.

No 2

To provide the knowledge required for the understanding and practical analysis of problems related to the built environment.

No 3

To produce needed research personnel for in-depth study and development of locally available building materials for achieving affordable housing for the teeming population in Nigeria,

No 4

To provide a comprehensive education such that the graduate is able to plan, design, build and commission, maintain and coordinate the allied professional input in the development of the human environment.

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