Caleb Culture Senior Correspondents, led by Chinelo, Peju Alimi and Toyin ,  went to town, to randomly sample the opinions of young citizens on the ‘Nigeria of my Dream’.

Hear their views:

Name: Omodudu Habeeb Akorede

Level :200

Department: Mass communication

School: Caleb University

The Nigeria of my dream is a great nation where the common refrain “united we stand, divided we fall” serves as a watchword to build unity.

A country where corruption seems to be our worst enemy to surge till posterity.

I dream of Nigeria to value and respect humanity in all areas of life, our basic needs.

Nigeria of my dreams is a country where the constitution is higher than every citizen and human rights are respected duly.

Nigeria of my dreams is the giant of Africa where Youths are great leaders of tomorrow.


Name: Adebayo kehinde Adenike

Level: 200

Department: Mass communication

School: Caleb University

The Nigeria of my Dreams

Just our desire

Nothing more we want than growth

Economic stability, bravo leadership and


A Nigeria of prosperity

Where the labour of our heroes past isn’t thrown to vanity

All these we dream

A plain… bloodless… light… white.

A Nigeria of freedom where rights are respected

Just peace!


Name: Oluwaniyi praise Oluwapelumi

Level: 400

Department: Mass communication

School: Caleb University

The Nigeria of my dreams is a place where there is good governance; where citizens will be given what is due for them at a time when due; where there would be no corruption, where no one is in government for their personal benefits but just to build my country. Where education is glorified and graduates are paid well, because I will soon become a graduate and I’m so scared of what I see and hear.


Name: Ruth Sessugh kusa

Level: 400

Department: Human anatomy

School:  ABU Zaria

A shade of peace and sanctity, With the rights of its citizens respected, Without distress and killings, But full of life, hope and freedom.

A place where I could call my home. Land not perfect but beautiful. Where the lives of it’s people are valued. Not one where anarchy reigns supreme.

Not perfect but a home full of solace, Where religion is not a tool for discord, Where we flourish in unity, Flying together as a family.


I dream of a country that is more compassionate, where we stop criticizing one another, where there is no more violence, hate, or crime, and where leadership isn’t used to enslave others.

A Nigeria that will rise to become the Giant she really is, once and for all.


Grammar Corner- with Eale Adekoya


Did you know we don’t use ‘a’ and ‘an’ or add an ‘s’ to advice?

It’s an advice. ❌

I would appreciate getting some advices from you. ❌

It’s a piece of advice.✅

I would appreciate getting some advice from you.✅

‘Advices’ or ‘an advice’ doesn’t exist. ‘Advice’ is an uncountable noun.

Make sure you learn all the uncountable nouns that exist in English.

For example:






Furniture, ect.

These are some of the examples of uncountable nouns. It’s wrong to add an ‘s’ or use the indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ before any of them. 

Slangs ❌

Slang ✅

√He tends to use too much hacker’s slang when talking to coworkers about their computer problems.

Vocabularies ❌

Vocabulary ✅

√ She has learned a lot of new vocabulary.



√ The pamphlet provides a lot of information on recent changes to the tax laws.



√ The speaker had certainly done his homework before delivering the lecture.

In addition, there are some idioms/phrases in English that are also uncountable.


1. Living proof✅

A Living proof❌

A real-life person or thing which demonstrates the validity of a hypothesis.

√ His story is living proof that anyone who puts in a good amount of hard work can find success.

2. Word of mouth✅

A word of mouth❌

Verbal means of passing on information.

√ The book didn’t need to be advertised; it became popular solely by word of mouth.

3. Child’s play✅

A child’s play❌

Something particularly simple or easy.

√ Compared to my last job, this is child’s play.

4. Work in progress✅

A work in progress❌

√Work that has been started, but is not complete; (uncountable, accounting) A portion of inventory that represents goods which are no longer salable as raw materials, but not yet salable as finished goods, work in process.

√ All the efforts to make a New Man are still work in progress.

√ Work in progress has dramatically declined due to reduced production cycle times.

Did you learn? Thank you graciously for reading through.



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